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Fountain of Youth NetEnt Review

     The secrets of eternal life have long been interested in various scientists and ordinary people. There are many films, books and series about relics, which, according to their creators, can bring eternal life to their owners. One of the most popular artifacts is the fountain of youth, having drunk from which you can get eternal life. Women wanted to get magical water to stay forever young and beautiful. Men wanted to drink from the fountain in order to get as much time as possible to realize their goals.


The legend of the source of youth is over 1000 years. His first references were in the writings of Herodotus. Upon learning of such a fountain, many wanted to find it, but attempts were crowned with failure. The developers of Playtech  also decided to go in search of the source of eternal youth, and even created a whole gaming machine about it. Now, each player of the maxbettlets portal can join the search for healing water from the source and win.


Fountain of Youth (check full list of slot games availabler to play ) characteristics of the slot machine will surprise you at first, but then they will definitely like the player. Instead of the standard five reels, there are only three in the slot. There are three lines here too, but that does not make the game less interesting. Bonus games you will not meet here, too, but they are not necessary. Colorful design and symbols will help you have a great time without any special additions.


You will encounter the following symbols in the game:

  • blue birds;
  • butterflies;
  • frogs;
  • flowers;
  • The fountain of youth.

All living creatures in the gaming machine drag on to the fountain because eternal youth is life.


The jackpot in the slot machine is 800 bets. To get it, you need to get three symbols of the fountain on the drums. They must be on the first and second line. In order to get the maximum jackpot, you need to place the maximum bet. The average variance and volatility allows you to rely on a good income at average and minimum rates. The wager coefficient is at around 6.7 out of 10. This is an average that is not quite suitable for wagering in any casino. It's about fulfilling the conditions of bonuses.

The slot is interesting to those players who have a large deposit and are ready to make 100 + spins. This will achieve a positive result and earn good money. Players with a small deposit should bypass the data slot side. Since the device has a dynamic yield change system, you should choose the most honest casino for the game. Choosing the right casino is worth testing the slot in demo mode.

The device is very balanced that allows you to count on relatively accurate statistics after a certain number of hits. Bonus functions are not as pronounced as in other cells, but have a stable tendency to increase the players' deposits. You can create a precedent for a stable build-up of your own deposit.