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Starburst NetEnt Review

Starburst is a popular slot of Net Entertainment, released in 2013. The developers have combined the theme of jewels and cosmic motifs to create an original emulator. The device does not have a bonus game or a progressive jackpot. In return, the emulator offers high payouts for the wild symbol and the transfer of winnings from left to right and in the opposite direction.


Starburst Specifications

The slot machine has 5 reels and 10 fixed pay lines. Only the highest win on the line is paid. On one line you can put from 0.01 to 10 coins. The maximum possible bet is 100 coins. The maximum possible gain is 50,000 coins. Risk game, bonus rounds and progressive jackpot are missing. The RTP ratio is at around 96.1%. This is enough to form a positive expectation, but you can play in roulette using strategies to form even more.

The device has a low volatility of 4.24 points out of 20. Most of the time, the gambler will spend at the starting amount of the bankroll without significant victories. The emulator has a short cycle length and wave-like winnings. The wager rating is 5.97 out of 10. This allows the casino bonus conditions to be fulfilled in the machine. Any win can be obtained with a probability of 22.46%. During the respin you can get an average jackpot at 7x.

Symbols and their meaning in Starburst

The role of symbols is played by gems. There are purple, red, yellow, blue and green pebbles. Also present is a typical device icon with the number seven and the BAR icon. The wild symbol is a multi-colored pointed star. It can appear on reels 2,3 and 4. A wild symbol can take over the entire drum and activate the re-spin function. In this case, the icon itself freezes in its position. There are up to three repeated spins available. There are no scatter symbols in the game. The winnings are credited not only from left to right, but also in the opposite direction.

How to play Starburst: Tips and Strategies

Starburst is the classic choice for newbies. There are no difficulties, as well as bonuses with additional features. At the minimum rates in the casino is difficult to win because of the low variance and fast turnaround cycle. The prize fund of the device may be empty at the time of the game, so the winnings at the stakes will be minimal and be at the initial level of the bankroll. If you have money in the fund, you can count on 30-50 successful spins, after which the device will return its assets back.

Players wishing to get big winnings in Starburst will have to bet big amounts. At low rates, the return of the emulator is minimal. The one-armed bandit is particularly sensitive to bets of 50 cents, 5 and 50 euros (currency may vary, depending on the casino chosen). At these rates, there are 34% more winning spins. During an unsuccessful session, you can use the strategy of changing the cycle by pressing the “Spin” and “Maximum Bet” buttons. These actions are likely to restart the cycle.