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Queen of the Nile Review

The Nile is a river that directs its waters towards the Mediterranean. As it advances, the Nile envelops a multitude of territories, whose inhabitants do not think of their existence without the life-giving moisture of the river. Slots Queen of the Nile 2 will demonstrate the power and beauty of one of the most famous rivers in the world. On the screen there are five reels and rather convenient control panels, with the help of which you can activate up to 25 paid lines, make a bet and start single or automatic spins. From the detailed payout table, you can find out how much the sequences are evaluated with signs such as card values, plant, Ra eye, gold jewelry, scarab and pharaoh mask.



     Description and Symbols

The most famous stories about the Nile are associated with ancient legends, therefore, it is not difficult to guess that in the “Queen of the Nile” machine, the main emphasis is on Ancient Egypt. Of course, the ancient Egyptian themes have already managed to “bore down” to many gamers, however, the developer of this slot did an impressive job on sound and graphic design, which made it possible to put the machine among the best of similar ones.

The main game character in Queen of the Nile 2 (available here - is represented by the image of Cleopatra - “Queen of the Nile” (Wild): doubling of prize money occurs when her image drops on the reels. In addition, Cleopatra replaces some characters in successful chains. In addition, on the game drums, the gambler will see images of the Pharaoh, the legendary pyramids, scarab beetles and others.

Available options

Aristocrtat (game developer) has endowed the Queen of the Nile 2  slot with a number of options that are really attractive to the player, including a risky game and an auto game. In the latter version, the gambler gets the opportunity to set a certain bet and just watch the loss of the prize money. The only caveat here is that access to a risk game requires “manual” intervention.

In the risk game option, the player may risk the win received earlier and try to increase it by 2 or 4 times. In the first case, the prize money is doubled, if you guess the color of the card, and four times by guessing its color. The option becomes available by the result of any haste back, but there can be no more than five attempts.

Free spins

Among all the slot bonuses, it should be noted an additional round with the participation of Wild, at the end of which you can expect a doubling of the prize. For example, for dropping between five and two dozen pyramid images on drums, a player gets a 2-10-fold multiplier for his winnings. The game has a high return rate which will allow you to earn decent money for each user. Many players will appreciate the free spins that can be used to significantly increase their own deposit. Bonus games allow you to achieve high results and increase your deposit several times.

Pharaoh Fortune Review

Today in the online casino you can find a lot of slots with a large number of lines, modern graphics and multi-functional gameplay, which includes arcade bonus rounds. Pharaoh’s Fortune will allow you to play the best game, without which, at one time, no gambling establishment from Las Vegas to Atlantic City could do. At the same time you will have a completely modern gaming machine, where instead of one line and 3 reels there will be a standard set of 5 reels and 15 bet lines.


True, the number of lines cannot be adjusted - by default; the entire playing field is involved in the back. On one line you can bet from 25 cents to 15 dollars, and the maximum win on it is 1000 coins. At the same time, the probability of receiving winnings in Pharaoh’s Fortune is quite high. The RTP rate of return of the game is 95%, which is at the average level of the Vulcan casino. Symbols and the table of coefficients The younger line of symbols in Pharaoh’s Fortune is represented by various figures of ancient Egyptians, from which you can earn from 75 to 100 coins when they are drawn in a row on one of the play lines.

In the middle line of the paytable, you will see already more complex plots of ancient Egyptian art - here and the winnings will be higher. For example, the builders of the pyramids will bring you up to 150 coins, and the scene of a meeting of Pharaoh with the god Anubis will give 200 coins. Pharaoh on the throne on the 5-line reels will replenish your balance by 300 coins.

Secrets of Ancient Egypt

         A characteristic feature of the game Pharaoh’s Fortune, which you can test at this casino is a fairly large gap in the coefficients between the basic and special characters. If the winnings on the base symbols cannot be called especially large, then Wild in the form of Tutankhamen’s famous mask will immediately bring you 1000 coins per line. In addition, the standard Wild function for replacing any characters with those that allow you to add a more advantageous combination has not gone anywhere. In Pharaoh’s Fortune, Scatter can also be found as an image of a Sphinx - on any part of the playing field, it gives up to 20 free spins.

A curious feature of the free round in the game is that free-spins are performed on a new playing field with other symbols that are found only here. The maximum win in the bonus round is a 6-fold increase in your initial bet. The game is extremely interesting and is able to immerse many users in the wonderful gambling atmosphere of the best casinos in the world. The return coefficient of slots allows you to count on a positive expectation. The dispersion of the device is average, so you can count on stable wins every 15-20 spins. This is very convenient because you can relatively quickly play back the necessary conditions for withdrawing funds from the casino.

Heart of Vegas Aristocrat Review

        Las Vegas is a real gambling tag for many gamblers. This is a huge industry that attracts people with its lights, many wins and huge gambling emotions. Heart of Vegas is a Magnificent Slot developed by Aristocrat, which will suit many players who want to immerse themselves in the gaming in slots for real money. The device consists of 5 reels and 100 active lines that can be fully customized. Players can choose any number of lines to form their own game strategies.




The minimum amount for inserts allows you to use the machine for a strategy with minimal payouts. The slot has themed characters that allow you to play nonstop. Among the popular symbols you can find a comma card image of a casino and other themed pictures. The heart is a wild symbol. It appears on the slot reels and allows you to replace the necessary symbols with you to make up a winning combination. This symbol replaces all others except Scatter. Welcome symbol is a Scatter symbol.

Three or more of these pictures trigger free spins. During this round, you can get a lot more bonuses than in the main stage of the game. Also worth noting is a special bonus during free games. The image of hearts can accumulate on the reels and form beneficial combinations. When forming a combination with jokers, you can get a huge amount of money at a time. First of all, it is necessary to test the device in demo mode in order to personally familiarize yourself with the patterns and frequency of loss of winning spins. Changing rates and attempts to reconfigure the cycle do not affect payments.

To prevent large bankroll drawdowns, it is necessary to adhere to a small betting strategy with minimal rates. This mode will increase the deposit with 100+ spins. Gambling sessions in this slot do not allow to correctly playing the bonuses provided by the casino, therefore it is recommended to fulfill the conditions of wagers in other emulators. Each gambling club can change the scripts of the device independently, so each gambling session with real money should be started with a short test of 18-45 spins or even more. If the slot is “cold”, then gambling should be interrupted for a while.

The RTP ratio is 96.8%. In the main part of the game, you can count on 19.6%, 38.3% with spins with inexpensive characters and 38.9% with repeated spins with expensive icons. Like any emulator with a common bank of progressive payments, Mega Fortune requires a solid deposit, which is able to withstand a long gambling session. At the main stage of the game you should make minimum or average rates. Heart of Vegas will bring a lot of emotions and allow you to immerse yourself in the incredible atmosphere of a gambling establishment. You should try it now. This is a great slot that will give players a lot of unforgettable emotions will allow you to win a substantial amount of money.


Free Online Slots Guide For South Africans

The gambling industry is highly developed in South Africa. This is an area that attracts tens of thousands of new players every year. A huge amount of excitement, inexpressible emotions and the opportunity to win big money popularize this type of activity among many players. South African players are very fond of themed slots. In order to enjoy your favorite game does not necessarily replenish the deposit for real money.


There are many opportunities that will allow players to join the process without the need to create a real deposit. Over 80% of games on the market have demos. This is a full-fledged analogue of the real version of the game but without the need to spend real money. Gameplay and gambling remain the same. The only factor is the lack of real gains. The whole process takes place through the use of virtual currency. Unfortunately, not all casinos can submit a free version of the game. The specifics of some projects do not allow the use of virtual currency.


This is typical for live games with real in a group. However, players can use other variations of games for everyday use. Many casinos provide no deposit bonuses and free spins for all beginners and online gambling fans. Thanks to this opportunity, you can play for real money without having to spend your own money. It is as convenient and safe as nobody risks their own money. In order to play the free version of slot machines, simply go to the site library. To receive no deposit bonuses you must go through a simple registration procedure.

This option does not take much time and will allow the player to be identified to provide him with various financial gifts. Many no deposit bonuses include the need for wagering or data verification. The procedure does not take much time and allows the player to start a profitable gambling session immediately after passing the procedure. Many casinos has a lot of gifts that require little wagering. This is very convenient since many players are not ready to enter an industry with serious amounts of money.

 Many casinos offer various bonuses during themed events or holidays. Thanks to the tracking situation with bonuses, you can find interesting offers for the subsequent game free slots options for money. Each user can get many benefits thanks to a wide range of Betting and Free Spins. This option is the most acceptable for fans of minimum rates and bonus offers. Bonuses are interesting because it allows you to quickly integrate into the game without the need to create your own deposits. Bonus money is psychologically easier to spend because they are the property of the player. With bonus money, a multitude of users take risks and gain more because they do not restrain themselves financially. It’s very important for many South African players who want to play for free.

Advantages of Mobile Slots

Mobile gambling ( info source ) has gained immense popularity in recent years. This is facilitated by the format of the distribution of games and ease of use. Previously, a stationary computer was necessary for successful online gambling. Today, we have enough smartphone or tablet. The active pace of life contributes to the acquisition of portable gadgets by many people. Not everyone has the time to devote a few hours to a landline game every day. Many players use their free time on trips to play their favorite projects. Comfortable gambling contributes to the fact that many online casinos have mobile versions adapted for smartphones and tablets.


There is also a mobile application that can be downloaded from the app store. All games in such applications are adapted for touch input and a specific display diagonal. Such gambling format is as simple and convenient for each player as possible. For many people, mobile slots are an opportunity to have a great time and have a rest from everyday fuss. All you need to start gambling is to launch the application and replenish your mobile account. And many slots have the same functionality as the stationary version. You can play both on a demo account and with real money. Due to this variation, there is a lot of opportunity for each user.

     Mobile slots are very easy to learn. Now you do not need to have a powerful computer to run beautiful graphics and a nice interface. Many people have portable gadgets that use them quite often in everyday life. This is a great opportunity to spend 10-20 minutes on your favorite entertainment and forget about life's troubles. Mobile slots are a great way to de-stress and have fun after a tiring work day. Many users prefer this particular gambling format because it provides tremendous possibilities and extraordinary portability.

The advantages of online slots lie in their ability to work without an internet connection. Naturally we are talking about a demo. Many South African players prefer free mode. But there are those who seek a big win. Such users can also find a lot of interesting things in the mobile version of games. Mobile slots have a progressive jackpot and the possibility of winning large sums of money. The convenience of the game due to the use of the touch screen is greatly increased. Functionality is indistinguishable from the stationary version. This allows you to be able to play big money.

The convenience of the game lies in a pleasant format and adaptation to each touch screen. Players can count on a huge library of various games for any type of gambling. Modern industry Can offer card games, board games, slots, blackjack, roulette and many other options. This allows you to vary your gameplay with different variations. The factor of the possibility of including your favorite games in any place is definitely an advantage. The active pace of life contributes to the acquisition of portable gadgets by many people. Mobile slots can bring a lot of emotions and big wins to each player.

Check out New South African Slots

The South African online gambling sector is evolving rapidly. A very large number of players create deposits for playing for real money lately. Among modern online games there are a lot of thematic projects that are aimed at maintaining the maximum interest in the gaming industry. Most online games are able to high-quality graphics and interesting story that can attract a lot of players.


   The atmosphere of such games is fascinating and attracts with its originality. One of the latest innovations in the gaming industry is Panda's Gold. This is a machine that has interesting graphics and your chances of winning. The original gameplay creates an interesting story that can be played for hours. This is one of the most popular slots in the South African gambling segment. I, Zombie is a novelty that has recently appeared on the online market. The mystical component takes players to a world where there are so many zombies. This is a great game that will suit all Zombie lovers themes.

Scuba Fishing is the third option lists which is interesting for its interface and themes. Underwater swims are always interesting. Especially if they promise good wins. The machine is a classic real money slot machine offering a high return and interesting gameplay. Plentiful Treasure is a new device offering beautiful graphics with the theme of the jungle and secret treasure. Players can earn good money here due to the high coefficient of return. Friendly interface allows you to quickly learn the nuances of the game and not spend a lot of time on technical nuances. It is very convenient for both beginners and experienced players.

The most popular South African slots have high-quality graphics and the ability to use smartphones and tablets as the main source of online gambling. For most users, the availability of an adaptive version is a must. Under mobile gadgets is a priority because portable technology is very widespread. It is very convenient to take a smartphone or tablet on a trip and enjoy the beautiful graphics on the go. Many presented games have a progressive jackpot and the option of free spins for beginners. A huge advantage for all gambling enthusiasts is the fact that South African casinos very often add new games in their library.

This allows you to add variety to modern projects and attract players with novelties from the gaming industry. Almost all online slots have a demo that allows you to get acquainted with interesting games without having to spend real money. This is very important for those who are not ready to create a real deposit but want to get acquainted with the possibilities of gambling. Demo versions are very convenient because they allow you to study the necessary slot functionality and develop your own strategy. Modern South African online games are maximally adapted to a wide audience and do not require the presence of certain specific knowledge. All games are designed to entertain users and contribute to the appearance of positive emotions during the game process.